Hi, my name is Neal


Welcome to the home of my thoughts and creativity – A digital canvas if you will – for you to view, admire, take notes and of course see if I’m suited for what you need. Whichever happens to come first … or last….


I’m an animal loving, outdoorsy enthusiast with a huge passion for digital art and photography, history, science fiction and fantasy. In my four years of experience in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing, my keen interest in the marketing and animation industries just keeps growing.


I completed my primary training in 3D at Touchvision (now CFAD) in 2012 where I received  my Autodesk certification.

In October 2015, I enrolled at Animaton Career Pro, where I’m currently completing a mentorship in 3D Character Animation.

And over the past four years, I’ve been collaborating with Pixelsmithstudios and have worked my way up into becoming the co-owner. Pixelsmithstudios was established to build and promote the animation, illustration and game development communities in South Africa. At the very core of it’s existence, Pixelsmithstudios is a platform to help artists promote their breathtaking work, studios to showcase their awesome teams and for artists and studios to find each other to create the visual imagery we love that is animation, VFX and illustration.


Some of my key strengths include, taking an open minded approach to my work, which enables me to accomplish projects professionally and positively, that are not within my comfort zone.


In my spare time I volunteer for Zombiegamer at their events as their photographer. I’m also part of Animation SA’s marketing team where I’m responsible for creating and curating content for the social media channels, by  spreading information and updates on latest events from animation channels and forums.


While I’m not taking pictures or helping with projects, I’m learning as much as I can about Motion Design, 3D Animation, VFX and Concept Design.

Skill Set:


3D Animation


Graphic Design


Digital Marketing


Love of coffee


Autodesk Maya
The Foundry Nuke
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Indesign
Adobe After Effects

I had the pleasure of working with Neal and found him to be extremely dependable, dedicated, trustworthy and accommodating. Neal is passionate about his craft and takes everything he does very seriously.

Neal is a true professional who can be found in his spare time, working and improving his skill set. His versatile, resilient, and co-operative approach to his work is truly refreshing.

Each time we worked on a project together, I was astounded with his creativity and innovation towards even the more mundane of tasks.

I highly recommend Neal and assure you that he will make an excellent addition to your team. Neal is a very hard working and determined individual who will be an asset to your company guaranteed.

Lauren Gerber

Digital Marketing Specialist