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The Importance of Marketing

THE IMPORTANCE OF DOING A GOOD JOB AT MARKETING And some advice on how to do just that It’s always a fulfilling experience when you start up your new venture or platform and you want it to succeed. Heck, we all want you to succeed at it as well! We all love a good...

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Working on Your Own Projects

Being proactive about your skills set and working on your own projects in your spare time will possibly be one of the most important and rewarding things to do when you are in the animation, films or games industry. By working on your own projects and collaborating...

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Hot Desking at 75

I always find it rather interesting to see what people can accomplish or create when they try to innovate and come up with new things. Yet, something that has been around for a long time that only recently became very known to me, is the concept of co-working spaces....

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Meeting The Art Gods

Approaching a Studio to Present your work:   As an animator and a creative, approaching a studio can be so intense. As we’re ordinarily so critical of our own work, it can be overwhelming to approach a place that’s packed with talent and showcase your own stuff. On...

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Facebook for business? Sure!

Facebook Marketing Tips & Tricks   Facebook has one of the largest user databases on the planet, but that doesn't mean it should be reserved for selfies, food pics and gifs of your cat. By utilising this platform as part of your business strategy, whether it's your...

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