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Facebook has one of the largest user databases on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it should be reserved for selfies, food pics and gifs of your cat. By utilising this platform as part of your business strategy, whether it’s your freelancing endeavours or your own company – you’re able to connect with your audience directly.


But, it’s not like your personal profile at all. In fact, in order to reap the benefits of Facebook as a marketing tool, there are certain things to keep in mind:


  • Don’t be overly private about your work. Yes, post finished pieces that you are allowed to promote and use in your personal capacity, but don’t keep your accounts private that people can only find you when you give them access. That’s not the point of social media.
  • Don’t post images of yourself at the year end function with your tie around your head like a drunk ninja. You’re not going to leave a professional lasting impression that way and that image will remain on the internet forever. So..let that info sink in before you take that next shot of tequila.
  • Post updates about projects and what you’re up to within your professional career and add a personality to your online profile. Unless you’ve signed a Nondisclosure agreement, then you have to remain quiet about that section of work. Work around this by posting updates about personal projects. Let people know they’re chatting to another person.
  • You can use your profile to post technical problems you might be having and ask your peers on how to solve them. Sometimes after struggling for several hours, a simple query online can save you hours of stress and frustration. This has happened to me far too many times than I’d like to admit and thank whatever deity you pray to that I had that online community to help.
  • Create relationships with like-minded professionals. Like LinkedIn, Facebook makes it so easy to establish  connections with people in the same industry as you. This is why maintaining a professional and relevant profile is key to expanding your network.
  • Plan your content and posts accordingly . If there’s one thing that I cannot stress enough about Facebook, is that consistency is key. Maintain consistency by keeping the same branding and brand tone across your platform. This will ensure that your visitors will know the content comes from the same person. You might want to consider using a template for your artwork posts.
  • Don’t spam. Try to post only once a day, unless you  are in a situation that calls for the need to post more than once, for example, if you are at an event and need to post regular updates to maintain a social presence while the event is running.
  • Create a business page for your work that’s separate from your personal profile. This will enable you to reach your audience on Facebook in ways that a user profile will not. It will also enables you to use Facebook’s paid advertising sections. This is one of Facebook’s most powerful tools as it allows you to create boosted posts, targeted adverts that reach exactly who you want to reach and where. But that’s a whole other blog…


That’s my two cents on some tips and tricks for Facebook marketing. If you’d like to share some thoughts or get in touch, drop me a line by filling in the form below:


Huge thank you to Bela Pechau for the editing of this post

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