I always find it rather interesting to see what people can accomplish or create when they try to innovate and come up with new things. Yet, something that has been around for a long time that only recently became very known to me, is the concept of co-working spaces.


Rock up at a shared office workspace for the day, find an open seat, set up your workstation and for the rest of the day, you use someone else’s internet and floor space to run your own business. Sounds rather, unusual, doesn’t it?

Somehow, this concept is working and from having been part of a co-working space for nearly a month now at 75 Harrington, situated in the same building as Chop Chop and Sea Monster Entertainment, I can honestly say that it works for upstart entrepreneurs.

This space is filled to the brim every day with like-minded young professionals looking to network, find work, find employees or discover that they just ordered the best coffee in their life. This coffee was of course prepared by Moses, the skilled Barista at the red coffee machine.


So, what’s made this space so significant, that I’m blogging about it? The simple reason is that right now, Harrington Street is evolving into a hub of Cape Town. You’ll find anyone you need for your venture within a week or two and because you are right here where they are, you’ll be able to make a connection and build valuable networks.


The rates are reasonable as well, R50 a day secures you a seat and internet. They do have other packages, like monthly packages and office spaces, but hey, those are for you to come and discover on your own. I’m just here for the coffee.


In my experience here, I’ve met various kinds of people. The young entrepreneur, the seasoned business veteran, the rights activist, the aspiring freelancer and many more. All of them come here to be a part of the 75 Harrington Street Community and I think that it is the best community in this area to be a part of.

The welcoming custom is one of the best ones you’ll ever encounter, you meet Steven Harris and then you have 30 seconds to introduce yourself and tell him what you do.

This is what enables him to connect you with like-minded individuals who are looking for people and this is also when you have to be quick on your feet with your thinking.

So why would you want to join the co-working space at 75 Harrington? Easy.

  • You meet new people… everyday.
  • You meet people who you can work with.
  • You are introduced to a community of professionals.
  • Everybody here forms part of the community in Harrington Street.
  • The culture is one of engagement and sharing.
  • It is connected to Silicon Cape due to the variety of professionals who share the space.
  • The community is hand picked and curated.
  • You get connected.