And some advice on how to do just that

It’s always a fulfilling experience when you start up your new venture or platform and you want it to succeed. Heck, we all want you to succeed at it as well! We all love a good success story.

The one vital thing that always helps in the difference between a success story and a failure story, is one key component – marketing.

You need to market your service or product for potential clients or customers to find you and for you to be of value to them. Without marketing, you will have a very difficult journey ahead in making a success of your venture… It’s already hard enough WITH a marketing strategy.

This is why it is important to do a good job at marketing yourself. Don’t despair when your venture’s momentum dies away and you have to work a little bit harder to regain momentum, this does not mean you are doing a bad job at marketing, in fact, you might be doing an excellent job. Understand that it won’t ALWAYS go well with your marketing efforts or your business. You will have dry timeframes and you will have times of abundance.

What’s important to remember, is for you to keep your head high and to keep up with your efforts. This blog post doesn’t cover any details on how to come up with a marketing strategy, but you can find good guides from Hubspot, SproutSocial and SeoMoz.

What you can do to start, when marketing your new venture, is to lay solid foundations that will last for ages to come and one way of doing this, is to build lasting relationships. That is the best way to make sure people always know about you and what you do, but make sure that those people are people who are actually interested in your work.

There’s no point in having a noise maker senselessly shouting at the top of their lungs about your work, they won’t reach the right people and you’ll waste time that could have been spent more productively. Instead, make sure that you know why you are marketing yourself, who you are talking to and what you are selling to them.

Once you have the answer to these three questions, you’re already halfway there in doing a good job at marketing yourself.

Always start with why. Simon Sinek explains this best in his Ted Talk about starting with why and I strongly agree with his reasoning in this.

You need to believe in what you do and you need to give it 200%, 300% even 500%. 100% is just not good enough.

Back to the point –

You need to ensure that the marketing material you are putting out there, is targeted at exactly who you need it to reach, if it is aimed at a general audience, you need to be prepared to spend a lot of money and to know that a lot of it will go to waste.

Once you are able to communicate with your audience on a level that connects with them, keep up the momentum as much as possible. Produce relevant marketing material that will connect with at least one valuable customer or client and build those relationships.

If you are targeting decision makers in an industry, you can spend your money more wisely, waste less and reach an audience that will be more likely to listen to what you have to say. Once you have their attention and the spotlight is on you, start a conversation and don’t drop the ball… I have gotten to this point so many times before and dropped the ball each time because I was afraid.

DON’T BE AFRAID, be yourself, be honest and connect.

It is better to have a handful of connections that you are valuable to you and you to them, than to have a mass of people that are completely of no value at all. This does not mean you should ignore your fans. NOT AT ALL.

Connect with your fans when and where you can and build a fan base, these connections are vital in creating brand ambassadors that will promote you and your work. Having people believe in you is the best reward. It shows that you can be trusted.

Nurture both your professional connections as well as your fan base. These are two vital components in aiding in your success.

I hope these tips help and I will love to hear from you. Please do share your thoughts.